Yoga to unwind

Develop connection, resilience and relaxation using body and breath to help alleviate stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Stress and anxiety can create a continual mental chatter that can lead us to feel worried, unhappy and fatigued. Using carefully selected yoga movements along with breathwork and meditation the mind can be steadied, helping to relieve stress and make us feel restored.

We often find it difficult, in this hectic world, to find time and space to allow ourselves to truly relax. To let go of our worries and be still. The class will start with steady movement to shake off any tension, build gentle resilience and work towards stillness, ending with long relaxation exercises to help to fully release any stress and fatigue.

This class will help develop skills to overcome stress and anxiety but also to help prevent it in the future. It’s important to practice these things all the time, not wait until we are stressed! So the class is suitable for everyone.

Suitable for all abilities, ages, backgrounds and bodies. No yoga experience needed. Classes will be kept small to ensure personal attention. My teaching follows an emphasis of function over form, with a highly individualised approach. Though this is a group class all poses will have a variety of options to suit everybody attending.

Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga

Nes Bear shares a yoga practice which helps to reintegrate body, breath and mind. to develop strength and ease in the body and relieve stress and tension. Suitable for all abilities, ages, backgrounds and bodies.

What makes this yoga practice different from going to the gym or a fitness class is that the movements are intended to encompass more than physicality. We are increasing strength and flexibility — but we go about it in a way that also encourages useful patterns of thought and behavior. No struggling. No straining. No striving. Instead we do strong, calm, balanced and measured work without self-judgement.

The class will help you to attain daily body and mind function with the breath as our guide- to help you be able to safely and easily tie your shoes, pick up your child, reach the jar on the high shelf, to get up and down from the floor easily, to stay calm and focused under stress. A practice that incorporates various natural movements, yogic mindfulness and breathing exercises will prepare you to be able whenever you need it — at home, at work, on the road or in an emergency.

All classes begin and end with a relaxation. Poses, movements and sequences will be given with variations depending on what suits your body and mind that day. All poses and sequences will be done with the breath as guide in order to support the spine and promote relaxation.

Classes are taught with clear and thoughtful sequencing to ensure safety and comfort in movement. However, rather than a dynamic flow, movements are taught one at a time, adding small sequences bit by bit so that you can develop the posture gradually and with insight. Nes will demo the posture before you are expected to do it so that you can easily follow the class, as many students feel more confident when taught in this way, rather than trying to watch and move at the same time. This way, you can fully focus on the body and your breath in the asana.

Chair Yoga




Chair yoga can be beneficial for people of all ages. Whether you have an injury, tight hamstrings, are a wheelchair user or find it difficult to get up and down from the floor, chair yoga can be a fantastic way to gain the benefits of yoga for all. 

Chair yoga classes can be as strong or as gentle as suitable for the practitioner.

Chair yoga has helped people with the symptoms of many health issues including: hypertension (high blood pressure), anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, vertigo (medical), multiple sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, carpal tunnel syndrome, clinical depression, and chronic pain.

Nes has completed training in chair yoga for people with MS,COPD, Breathlessness and some age related problems.

Nes has experience of running chair based classes in care and nursing homes where the relaxation techniques and gentle stretching have been of huge benefit physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you would like to book chair yoga classes for your home, project or a one to one session please get in touch.

All classes that Nes teaches are appropriate for chair users too (depending on the venue) as Nes simply adapts the poses so that everyone can participate.

Restorative Yoga

Nes teaches restorative workshops and one to one sessions that can bring stillness, relaxation and a calmer state of mind. By incorporating props like yoga blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps to support and align the body, restorative poses allow the body to fully relax in each posture.

The slower pace and deep breathing that you get in a restorative yoga class triggers the parasympathetic nervous system from the very first pose. This activation helps to mitigate the effects of the regular fight-or-flight stress response that can be damaging to your physiology and well-being. The overall calming effect on the nervous system sets a deeply relaxing tone for the class that comforts your mind and body down to the cellular level.

By incorporating props like yoga blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps to support and align the body, restorative poses allow the body to fully relax in each posture.

Nes trained in restorative yoga with Judith Lasater and is a certified Relax and Renew® teacher.

Nes holds small group restorative sessions every month in South Cumbria as well as offering private restorative classes.  To book a place go to the contact page.

Yoga and Mindfulness for Children, Young People & families


(& home educated groups, youth centres and youth groups)

Nes offers Yoga and Mindfulness in schools for PSHE, wellbeing, one to one/ small enrichment groups, PE or as an after school club.


  • Yoga encourages children to delight in moving their bodies in a non-stressful and non-competitive atmosphere
  • Yoga helps children develop an understanding and awareness of how their bodies move and breathe.
  • Improves physical strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance
  • The quiet, focussed, unhurried nature of yoga and mindfulness practice encourages qualities that assist children in coping with their busy and sometimes stressful lives
  • Whilst being excellent for developing body awareness and co-ordination, Yoga also gives children the tools to create their own relaxation techniques
  • Sessions use story and visualisation which can help develop creativity and imagination that can inspire literacy work and ingenuity
  • Yoga and Mindfulness help to alleviate anxiety and tension, and encourage cooperation and understanding of ourselves and those around us
  • Yoga encourages whole-brain learning
  • Develop communication skills and a sense of connection and empathy

Session details

  • Each class will/may include movement, rhymes and stories, games and simple breath work. Guided relaxation, using meditation stories and relaxation techniques appropriate to children, will be a part of each class
  • The class will be a maximum of 15 children, made up of children in close age groups
  • The class can be 30-45 minutes long

For schools & establishments I meet the requirements of the EYFS and the National Curriculum.

Younger children will explore yogic movement in a fun and engaging way using storytelling, song and somatic movement.

Older children and young people will explore mindful movement, breath and relaxation techniques, especially beneficial around exam time or at tricky times. 

Sessions can be adapted to fit the current class topic or group focus. For example if you are currently teaching the Stone Age Nes can deliver yoga using stories and songs connected to that topic. 

I am a fully trained and IYN accredited Yoga and Mindfulness practitioner for children. I have an Enchanced DBS and am fully insured to deliver yoga and mindfulness both in and out of school settings.

Contact to arrange a free 20 minute taster session or to discuss a program to suit your needs. 

Family Yoga

Nes delivers family yoga that is accessible for all types of families and family members. Whatever your body shape or fitness there will be something for everyone to get involved with and enjoy. Sessions are packed with yoga movement, breath and relaxation through storytelling, song, dance and craft activities. 

Yoga and mindfulness are great for children and families and the session is a great way to connect body, mind, breath and to each other. There are so many benefits to family yoga, a few are:

- Non competitive activity and group/partner work to develop co-operation

- Develop physical strength, flexibility, fine-motor skills, co-ordination.

- Cultivate peacefulness and positive, compassionate thinking.

- Having fun! Family yoga is not about achieving the perfect pose but about being and learning together.

Nes offers regular group family yoga classes and is also available for private family yoga sessions to help your family develop a home practice to suit you. 

One to One/ Private groups

Nes offers one to one and private group yoga sessions for young people. This might be useful for young people around school exam time or during tricky times. Sessions might involve looking at ways to alleviate stress or cope with overwhelming emotions, or to develop strength in the body.

Nes has completed training in teaching yoga to both adults and children, has completed Transforming Trauma for Young People and Children with Yoga and Mindfulness training and is continuing professional training with Babette Rothschild in Somatic Trauma Therapy. Nes has a DBS check, safeguarding policy and insurance documents that are available on request. 

Nes has extensive experience of working with young people and children and strives to create a safe and positive learning environment for all. 

Yoga Therapy for Stress, Anxiety & Trauma

Nes offers one to one and small group yoga therapy for stress, anxiety and trauma, including PTSD. Nes is qualified and experienced in working with children, young people and adults and uses yoga, mindfulness, relaxation and breathing techniques to learn how to self-care, to build a loving and trusting relationship with oneself and others, and to reestablish ways to find peace in themselves.  Working with those with PTSD or trauma, Nes uses body-based therapy to help process and relieve traumatic events without the re-living them as proposed by Babette Rothschild, one of Nes' teachers.

Trauma can create both an emotional and physical imprint on the body.  Bessel Van der Kolk states that emotional trauma creates “issues in our tissues”. The outward expression of trauma for children, young people and adults is often somatic. The trauma lives on in the body (e.g. headaches, chronic pain, IBS, panic).  The “gut wrenching feelings (that accompany trauma) are incompatible with being alive” (Van der Kolk) and the physical body can become cut off, untrusted and disliked.  I am able to support those who have experienced trauma to befriend themselves and take control of their own healing through yoga.  

You don't need any previous yoga experience or any specific physical abilities. The practices involve mindful movement and breathing techniques which will be adapted to suit you personally. 

I usually recommend three sessions, as follows but this depends on the needs/ wants of the individual:

  • First session - 90 minutes - We shall first complete a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and do a simple health assessment to work out what kinds of things will be most beneficial to you. Then, from this consultation I will work with you to create a simple program of activities and techniques to do at home, work or school that will fit around your specific everyday life.
  • Second Session - 60 minutes - This will include a discussion around how the program has been working for you, tweaking it where necessary and offering further activities if appropriate. You might expect to do some guided mindful movement, breathing techniques or some relaxation.
  • Third session - 60 minutes - Targeted assessment of relevant areas, treatment, review of progress, program and health goals.

Some clients prefer further support through their journey which is available. Special rates are available for long-term treatment. 

Pricing: £50 per 1 hour session ( 30 minute consultation in first session is free)

I often recommend yoga therapy clients work in conjuntion with other support services such as psychotherapists and their GP to get a holistic approach to healing. All practices are deeply rooted in yoga philosophy, neuroscience, attachment based research and trauma theories. 

One to One Yoga

Nes provides one-to -one classes. Private yoga is particularly beneficial for you if:

  • You have an injury or are facing a health condition; one-on-one therapeutic yoga sessions can teach you to do yoga safely and promote self-healing
  • You want the personal guidance of an experienced instructor to help you decide what practice is the best for you
  • You are an experienced student who wants to deepen your practice and expand upon your interests
  • You are new to yoga and feel self-conscious in the public class. Private classes can build confidence and help you integrate into our public classes
    You are ready to start practicing on your own, but you need a little help getting started

The lessons can be designed to follow your own particular area of interest such as breathing practices, meditation, physical emphasis, or relaxation etc. You will come away with a practice which I shall also draw for you so that you remember.

Free Initial Consultation: I offer either a free 30 minute session or a full hour paid at half my normal fee, to allow you to meet with me, discuss your needs and work out if I’m the right teacher for you.

During the first session, we will practice some basic movements to get an idea of your response to yoga. You will have the opportunity to discuss your personal goals, expectations, experience, concerns, and potential challenges in a comfortable, one-on-one environment.

You can anticipate highly personalised, progressive sessions designed to help you move towards greater wellbeing. You and Nes will work together to identify a realistic path of practice through yoga postures and breathing techniques adapted specifically for your body and structured to help you reach your goals.

Mindful Walks

Mindful walks are the perfect way to experience the mountains and glens of the Lake District while increasing our mindful awareness of our senses and the stunning landscapes around us.

Yogic mindfulness and our experience of natural beauty are symbiotic. The space and serenity provided by the natural world assists with stilling our minds. Allowing the mind to settle into a present and aware experience increases the vividness of how we experience our surroundings.

The walks include some simple yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness exercises. They can be individually tailored to the needs of the group, such as lowland walking or walking in the high fells. Nes has experience of leading walks with both children and adults, including those with learning disabilities, from all backgrounds and abilities.

Nes offers a variety of walks including full, half day, evening walks and retreats/expeditions. Walks are led by Nes, who is an experienced and qualified Mountain Leader and trained in Yogic Mindfulness and yoga.

Walks by arrangement with 3+ individuals. Please email to arrange.

Sessions can be combined with Mindfully Wild sessions to make a whole day of mindful outdoor adventures.

Yoga Celebration Events

Nes offers bespoke private yoga sessions for adults, children, teenagers and families to suit the needs of the group. Whether you're planning a healthy hen do, wedding morning jitters yoga relaxation or a birthday party, a yoga celebration event can be a perfect way to connect, have fun and relax.


    • Mindful movement/ asana sequences
    • Partner yoga to develop connection with each other and have some fun
    • Relaxation and restorative yoga to indulge yourself in peacefulness

    Yoga celebrations can be booked in the South Lakes area for £90 for 90 minutes for up to 15 people at a location in the South Lakes (travel costs may apply for locations further afield). If you require venue hire it would be additional to this cost. We are happy to find a stunning venue to suit your party. If you would prefer a longer session including a healthy lunch this can also be arranged. 

    A Yoga session can be combined with woodland adventures, mindful mountain walking or bushcraft to connect deeply to nature and leave you feeling rested, nourished and more connected to yourself, each other and nature.


    • Energetic and exciting yoga activities to challenge and engage everyone
    • Partner work to encourage teamwork and bonding
    • Breathing practices to calm the mind and body
    • Relaxations and fun guided imagery
    • Mindfulness activities involving creative art and craft and collaborative games
    • It can work really well with a theme or a favourite story of your choice

    Parties can be booked in the South Lakes area for £60 for 1 hour or £90 for 90 minutes for up to 15 children in your venue in the South Lakes (travel costs may apply for locations further afield). We are happy to help find a venue, the hire cost will be additional. This includes provision of mats and materials and writing a tailor-made yoga story for your child's party. Children also get a certificate to take away with them.

    Your party will include an hour/ 90 minutes of yoga fun which takes the children on a themed journey, for example going to outer space, an adventure to OZ, Star Wars, exploring with Stick Man or Visiting a Rain Forest. (You are welcome to suggest another theme in advance - which might tie in with the theme of your party)

    Whilst travelling on their yoga adventure children will learn yoga poses, dance to music, play super fun yoga games, be creative with their friends and some all important relaxation and quiet time at the end. 

    A Yoga session can be combined with woodland adventures, mindful mountain walking or bushcraft to connect deeply to nature and leave you feeling rested, nourished and more connected to yourself, each other and nature.

    Age Groups of Birthday parties are 1) Pre School 2) Little Children (Lower School) 3) Older Children (Years 3-6) 4) Tweens 5) Teens

      Mindfully Wild

      Nes Bear is a qualified Level 3 Forest School Practitioner, Primary School Teacher with QTS, BA(Hons) Youth and Community Work, John Muir Award Leader, First Aider and has worked in a variety of settings with children and young people since 1999.

      Much of Nes’s work has involved working with children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and with behavioural difficulties, particularly when working as a social worker and at a PRU. Nes has also worked with children with a variety of additional needs, ranging from speech and language issues to autism and PMLD, ensuring their inclusion. Nes believes that forest school is the ideal setting to help to engage and inspire children and young people to develop both social and academic abilities.

      With experience of teaching throughout mainstream primary education as well as in EYFS, primary, secondary and post-16 special schools, Nes has developed a diverse set of outdoor lessons to cover core and foundation curriculum subjects with great success.

      Nes also has experience of running courses with adults and families, including women's groups, community groups and friends wanting to learn woodland skills and spend quality time together in a beautiful setting. 

      Nes is Enhanced DBS Checked, First Aid Qualified, Fully Risk Assessed, Qualified and Insured (Copies of our insurance certificates are available on request).

      Forest School can help develop personal, social and emotional skills: independence, self-discovery, confidence, communication and raise self-esteem.

      Activities can include:
      Making tangible crafts from natural resources to take home;  Nature awareness games, which develop movement skills; Using imagination, playing pretend with things they find; Looking for flora and fauna in their natural environment; Using blindfolds to discover other senses, enhancing perception; Learning how to safely use hand tools such as peelers and palm drills; Sawing wood with bow saws and fixed blade saws; Forage, cook and eat as a group; Tying knots to make things work; Making dens; Whittling sticks and making fire, using fire steels.

      Nes like to incorporate mindfulness into these sessions whereby participants can further develop connection with themselves and their surroundings. 

      Nes develops each session to the needs of the group, both in planning as well as being led by curiosity and enjoyment of participants on the day. Sessions are adaptable and participant-led.

      Currently, sessions are by arrangement. Nes works with schools, youth groups, community groups and friendship groups and is open to working with anyone wanting a woodland adventure! Please email for information. Alternatively, there is more information at the Bear Forest School site here.

      Sometimes Nes offers public sessions, see the schedule or email for details.