“For the last 3.5 months I have been struggling with costochondritis. The enforced rest and pain has changed my body in its attempt to remediate. The restorative yoga, even within a few days, has really helped open my chest again. I can literally feel my muscles sigh in relief! The second exercise has reduced a lot of tension in my back and resulted in pain relief. Finally, the lying down one has improved my sleep and relaxed my whole system. I think it’s helped relieve some of the fear and anxiety in coping with an extremely painful condition. Thank you Nes!”

– One to One client

“I had a one to one restorative yoga session with Nes and it was amazing! The session itself was really relaxing, and I left feeling so much more energised. Nes is a really considerate teacher and ensured that poses were suited to me and my needs. She explained the reason for doing each pose and the benefits that it would give. After my lesson I felt confident to practice in my own time, and have felt so many benefits since doing so. I had such a good time and cannot recommend Nes as a teacher enough!”

– Restorative Yoga client

“Thank you so much for today it was literally what the Dr ordered! Just the gentleness of it all and the feeling of being protected, cared for and at peace was just such a special feeling and you provided it perfectly… it was wonderful!”

– Restorative Yoga Morning participant

“I have been to other yoga classes in the past but always felt that it was not an appropriate level and that I wasn’t getting the moves right; always leaving slightly disappointed. After a one to one yoga session with Nes I no longer feel like this. She explained each move at an appropriate level and took time making sure I properly understood each one. I loved the session and felt happy and relaxed afterwards. Nes is friendly and approachable and it is fab having her as a teacher.”

– One to One Yoga Student